Kanarraville FallsKanarraville Falls is a don’t miss, family friendly hike bordering the west plateau of Zions National Park. Its beautiful landscape progresses into a small slot canyon, mimicking the more famed hike known as the Narrows and similar slot canyons of the southwest.

Cut by Kanarra creek, the 3.5 mile round-trip hike follows the creek until no footpath along the river banks are available and walking in the water between the canyon walls becomes the necessary highlight and entrance further up the canyon.

Continuance of the hike brings you upon a waterfall that requires maneuvering along a log ladder strategically placed for further travel upstream. Visual stimulating, many traveling opt to not continue however the obstacle is easily surpassed and kids and patient mothers alike can make it up and down with confidence.

A short jaunt further brings you to the second waterfall along the trail. Passage requires getting more than your feet wet and scaling the left slope with foot ladders fashioned from ropes assist in passing the obstacle.

KanarravilleFurther travel up and the canyon widens considerable making for a great picnic area and space to wade and explore. Dependent on water levels, a plug pool accessed by a slick-rock water-slide can be enjoyed by both kids and adults. This is the most common location that visitors stop and turn back down the creek. The canyon continues upstream narrowing more for a short time and then opening back up and becoming increasing less serene with the loss of red canyon walls and more juniper bushes.

The man made assists such as the planks and ropes placed by each of the waterfalls can be intimidating. Ropes can deteriorate due to environmental conditions and possible overuse, please make sure you are comfortable with the situation. They are easy enough to conquer and I have seen many people, including myself travel both up and down with children. Take your time and enjoy the hike. The hike is fairly unobtrusive until the first waterfall and then the adventure begins.