As with any hike it is important to be prepared. The first half of the hike is up a road with little shade and ample sunlight. Make sure you take water despite temperatures and the time of year. With children, be prepared to take at minimum 3 hours round trip if not more for enjoyment at the falls. Footwear is essential and plan on your feet getting wet. While the hike itself is not too technical, walking in the streams makes footing less stable. Walking up man made ladders and scaling slick rock, your shoes should have plenty of traction. Hikers will cross Kanarra creek several time on the approach into the slot canyon at which time you will be walking in the creek itself.

There is plenty of wildlife including rattle snakes to be aware of. Make sure to stay on the trail and beware of footing. Flash floods within the desert can happen quickly especially through slot canyons chancing water levels. July, August and September are considered monsoon season. Depending on conditions and time of year, the creek may be fast flowing or at a leisurely flow near the end of summer. Rockslides and driftwood often change the canyon throughout the year making for a new hike with every trip.